The Georgia Deeper Learning Network came together in December 2021 and created a shared definition of Deeper Learning and identified root causes for why Deeper Learning wasn’t as common as we might hope. These root causes fell under the categories we call "The Three P's".

Over the spring of 2022, the Network developed a strategy that integrated work in practice, public will and policy:

Districts commit to hosting a student exhibition of learning. They build a team of students, family and community to help design it.

Districts are supported monthly through a community of practice as they build their exhibitions.

Each quarter, the Practice, Public Will, and Policy members convene for updates and to participate in student exhibitions.

Network members lead a dialog with community members about what they noticed.

The network captures what it is learning about Practice, Public Will and Policy barriers and opportunities.

Over time, the insights become support for practitioners, message points for communications, and a platform for policy change.